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The Goddess Bast

As a young girl, my parents decided to not force religion on me, as my mom felt she had been "brainwashed" (her words). They wanted me to find my own spirituality. I struggled with this for many years, not realizing that spiritual did not necessarily mean church-related. Through my Reiki practitioner and my Psychiatrist, I learned a great deal about the role spirituality was already playing in my life, I just hadn't recognized or embraced it. My psychiatrist described the feeling he got when he and his young daughter laid on their driveway watching the stars, and how that was spiritual. The Reiki lady found an imbalance in my chakras and after some unsettling observations from her, she gave me an assignment. It was to research various "good" role models that I would be comfortable calling my "spiritual guides". This took months of research, I studied many religions and philosophies. Alas, in Egyptian mythology I found  a goddess I could more or less relate to. My attachment to my cats is something that people close to me find a bit unsettling. I have no children. I live alone. They are my world. Below is a summary of why they, and Goddess Bast, have been good role models for me, and have helped me in times of need, times of great stress, and invariably times in which I needed more strength than I could muster alone.


Tidbits on Religion

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"Bast attributes related to cats:    from Internet Book of Shadows: Egyptian Metaphysics by Michael Poe)

  1. Refusal to take things over seriously
  2. Science of relaxation, never waste energy
  3. Accepts the nature of things, superb indifference to opinion,
  4. Refusal to be at beck and call
  5. Insistence of complete freedom of expression
  6. When a cat curls up with its head touching its tail, it forms a circle,
    symbol of eternity
  7. Luxuriating sensuality, grace, coordination of movement"

Through Priscilla and Buddy, Bast has shown me many things:

  • To find and search out PEACE every day
  • To love unconditionally
  • To be persistent in my desires
  • To be compassionate
  • To be indifferent
  • To enjoy what the earth has to offer
  • To be sensual and touchable
  • To see things, even when they're not there
  • To have fun, to play, to have a sense of humor
  • To maintain one's self-respect, even when dependent on others for things

 work in progress.... 

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