My sweet Puppy

The last photo, 1/09/02

Photo taken January 7, 2002


Friday March 8th, 2002

my puppy joined Angel and Kitty at the Rainbow Bridge.

I remember getting back from lunch on Friday and having a message there to call my Mom. I did and I was worried because I was afraid it was Daiser, when I called back my dad answered and I asked if everything was ok and he said yes that mom just had a banking question. Something in my intuition knew something was wrong. I have Daisy's picture in my desk clock at work and I remember staring at it on friday knowing she wouldn't be with us much longer. I'm finally home. Mom and Dad's house is cleaned up, the kitchen table moved, Daisy's pen gone, you'd never know they had a dog. It was creepy. But now that I'm alone again I'm a mess. Mom sent Buddy's bathrobe back with me, I gave it to Daisy as part of her bedding because she liked it. We had 3 sets of bedding for her with the extra sheet and 2 robes I added, this way we could wash them and always have a clean set. Mom sent Bud's pink one home with me tonight. I sat on the floor and told my kitties. Buddy has been laying in the robe ever since, just where he layed with Daisy in January in those pictures I took. I'm just really sad right now and I'm gonna go to bed. I have a class tomorrow.

my puppy joined my kitty and my first puppy who died in 1984, hopefully they are happy, chasing each other, and waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. :' )
I will miss her. When I was in college and home alone a lot, Daiser and I would walk together to the mailbox in the summer every day, and when the raspberries were ripe, we'd come down that side of the driveway and we'd each have some. The raspberries aren't there anymore either. ...