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Commonalities in Borderline Disorder

Years ago, on Sandy's personal page, friends and I commented in amazement at the commonalities in people suffering borderline disorder - at least those of us who are more inward with our symptoms than outward. We tend to gather here on the internet to attempt to help treat ourselves, though I know there are raging untreated borderline sufferers out there tormenting spouses who are out here on the web looking for answers - to those of you - best wishes.

Other traits that people with BPD seem to have in common (although not in the medical criteria) include:

nail biting,

peeling skin from cuticles,

foot or leg pumping when sitting,

picking scabs,

scraping, pulling at or cutting off other body developments,

and squeezing pimples.

We have music running through our heads constantly.

Many are sensitive to sunlight, and

many have low blood pressure.

We like rocking chairs,

sometimes rocking even when we don't have a rocking chair,

and we often lay in bed and rock ourselves to sleep.

People with borderline are usually notably intelligent (IQ >130) and talented.

Borderline people hate being misunderstood, having all our actions (anger, sadness, etc.) attributed to our diagnosis for other's benefit, and having people tell us we dwell too much on the subject, that we should just "knock it off" or that we have "no right to feel that way".

Sleep with a stuffed animal or similar object.