OK, so I'm a chick and I'm hooked on NASCAR... what the hell is so crazy about that? Why cars, you ask?

I grew up in a car family, fixing cars, painting cars, driving cars.... selling stuff for cars! Pop never brought me to a ball game, he brought me to the boneyard to buy stuff for whatever project he was working on... isn't it only natural that I like cars?

My first job for Pop was cleaning oil pans! Nothing was cooler than being about 10 years old and coming in for that bar of Lava soap with grease and oil up to your shoulders! Yes, I'm really a woman :) But I'll catch frogs with you too :)My

There's nothing better than having the power to throw yourself back in your seat like you're in an airplane taking off! Besides, cars are cool. Lots cooler than watching guys toss a ball and stand around a lot.... well, in my humblest opinion :)

Milwaukee Mile Busch Race 2005  


Being in Wisconsin, Kenseth is always a favorite. I also have a soft spot for Elliott Sadler and Ryan Newman. Ryan even before he started winning all the time! Pop's favorite is Tony Stewart, who is also cool, and my niece's favorite also, as she emulates Grandpa. She has a "Tony" ornament, a Tony pillowcase, and a Tony (Home Depot) calendar always near to remind her of Grandpa. "17, 18, 19, Tony". There are really only a couple driver I could do without.

My boyfriend laughs when I change who I'm cheering for mid-way through the race :)  I just like so many of them for their own reasons! If you're one of those people who say it's not really a sport, well, you can bite it!


I also like to fantasy race, but not for money. I like my money in my pocket.

Gentlemen, start your engines!!