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The feeling is numb, out of place

I know it is wrong, but I feel it nonetheless.

They've been gone a month

I didn't miss them so much this time

Every time I'd email something personal

I'd get a generic letter sent to all 3 of us

Nobody asked how my medical tests came out

Nobody asked much

I was the first one there,

Which is abnormal for me

Large bags of presents sat

By the grandfather clock

Looked as if Santa had come,

Though nothing was wrapped,

And, well, it's not Christmas.

Neither of them jumped for them

When I came in.

It was good that they are home

"Here, we got you some pepper spray like you wanted"

"And you can pick out a blanket."

"We have turquoise for each of you"

"That will be set in gold"

"You may have first choice,"

"Of the blanket and the stone"

Beautiful, the pendant will be,

I chose the teardrop shape,

With the black bolt of lightning in it

Sisters with children arrived....

Presents distributed, bags flying

Hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and shoes

I was happy for them, really I am

I got pepper spray, I wanted that I guess

And she mentioned before I left

To wash the blanket first

Because it smells like an old feed sack

But they're nice and warm

She picked up four of them

At a gas station

For three dollars each

But I did get first choice.



2005 Ginamarina

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