....ginamarina's world....

 Dez. 1999


I once loved a man who wouldn't listen to me.

One who would send flowers and tell me everything was all right.

One who had my future planned for me.

When I had concern that I didn't want to move away from my home,
he'd hold me and tell me everything would be all right.

When I'd express that I was interested in neither history or politics

He'd tell me he loved me and that everything would be all right.

He'd speak of our future, me as a politician's wife
living overseas and having babies.

It became apparent that he had not listened to me at all.
He wanted to create me, create who I was.
The problem is this: I ALREADY AM

When I told him I was dating someone else, he'd phone me and tell me
everything would be all right.

Now I endure barrages of guilt-ridden poems
and allegations of dishonesty and "leading on."

All because a friend I loved didn't care enough to listen.    


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