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Can't live if living is without you

I can't give I can't give anymore.



Why do so many people come and go from my life?
Sometimes when things are going great,
I'm still lonesome
For the people of the past
Friends who've come and gone
And friends I'm not allowed to keep.

No more dinners with the band
or talks with Sally
or rides or late nights with Mike.
No more little Ty or Mrs. O.'s Cookies.
I miss SD and waking up under the beam
in the stench of cigarette smoke.
Or sitting at Houdini's drinking beer
with pickles and olives.
You know who you are :)
Singing Creed with Isaac,
I'll never forget our duets at the Firefly
Singing into beer bottles.
Or the many nights at the comedy club
And walking Lisa home.
Or staying up all night dancing to Godsmack with Dan
We'd collapse in exhaustion and laughter.
Teri, our death rides down Lawe St. hill over lunch
and fishing, oh the fishing!
JZ for making me laugh in the face of a nightmare.
And Matthew for bringing me breadsticks.

To all the friends I've loved before:
  Please know I'll never forget all the good times.

2001 Ginamarina


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