....ginamarina's world....

October 2002


Shield of Serenity

I am lying here under a shield of purring serenity.
I shroud myself here, wishing I never had to leave.
I find myself returning here often
Because the outside world eats away on my soul.

Sometimes I think if I could escape here,
Enwrapped in the cool sheets and an ironic warmth,
I could burrow to another world,
One which I may actually relate to.

Taking with me my Bast messengers
They accept my world, they make it lucid, safe.
A world otherwise overtaken by fear and
A heart vandalized and abused.

I have given up trying to discern
Why I was chosen to be cloaked
In this darkness for this life.
Merely thin skin stretched over fire.

I feel at ease here, peaceful.
Tunneling under the cool covers
Feeling the warmth of the souls
Beneath my purring shield of serenity.

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