....ginamarina's world....


blood on the wall

I'll never forget
The water hitting the white surface of the shower stall
Why is the picture still so clear?
It's been years, it's ridiculous!

I see a glass table and it comes back again
I see the white glossy wall
the water beads up on it
tinted red. even after blinking.

red droplets
beginning to run down the shiny white
only focusing on them -
   not the woman outside the curtain
        or the fact that I'm naked in a hospital.
just the red. deeper now. drops.
beads that eventually burst
    sliding slowly down to the small tiles on the floor
        and down the drain to who knows where.
As I plunged forward with this cleanup I could not stop watching

Every time I'd continue I'd see them again

the red droplets
getting paler now, still sliding down the wall
slower, slower
then the next frame appears in my memory.

so surreal, even after six years.

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