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Here I sit again
face filled with tears
how do you do it?
strip away my confidence
like a bandage from a wound
You say you love me
and no doubt you do
it makes it too hard
to decide that we're through
i never intended
to live this life
feeling like I was
never quite good enough
It happens so easy
happens so fast
one sharp comment
sticks me like a knife
"i'm sorry" don't quite cut it
'specially days later
I never promised to fix you
only offered my love
but with it you hurt me
leave my head full of black
Tight skin over fire
is how I feel today
look and you can see
the flames through my eyes
no tears can put them out
Skin stretched over pain
how did I get here
I leave and come back again
I life my life like this
and still I keep trying
Hoping someday to find someone
to put out the flames.
2001 Ginamarina Music



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03/30/2006 11:54 AM