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This page is in revision. It's out-dated and I'd like to take a different approach. An approach based more on scientific theory about what may cause this disorder, rather than a bunch of DSM-IV bullshit and how crazy these people are. What borderline disorder boils down to is coping skills. Regressed coping skills combined with an intellectual mind. I will be compiling some research regarding this, I'll keep the Links page for those of you who want to read all the typical borderline stuff. I'm truly starting to believe that in the medical world, the only people who are not crazy are those who haven't been to the doctor. Thank you.




I am unsure how to begin this personal site on bpd. There are so many good sites out there, but I have struggled for many years with this disorder, both trials and triumphs. I'd like to share some thoughts from my own personal experience, and I'm still working on how to organize them. I have literally thousands of pages of journals I could pull from, and I want the information I present to be relevant. Everything here is presented from my view, the view of a woman who has desperately tried to overcome this disorder. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for people dealing with borderlines unable to face their problems.


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